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  • Complimentary and confidential initial on-site consultation.
  • Value and pricing of contents including researching the current market for real-time value of items.
  • Complimentary List of Sales from the estate sale event,,, or cash register list,,,,% may vary for service
  • Professional customized advertising includes ads in local paper publications, several web sites, customized  flyers distributed in local area on larger estates, as well as advertising through web and email blasts, and Facebook, and I use large  yellow--easy to see signs at multiple turning points.
  • Set up and preparation of property inside and outside the estate
  • Professional honest staff
  • Available to take all methods of payment
  • Professional detailed statements
  • Multiple tag and label system for several owners of an estate
  • Complete Turnkey operation ( Once you give me the keys,,,,, You do not have to work on the estate content anymore, me and my staff will prep the estate to complete the sale . )
  • Cleaning Service available by request 
  • Dispersal of all Inventory ---- YES ---ALL THE CONTENT WILL , OR CAN BE SOLD....!
  • Licensed and Bonded
  • Fine jewelry , guns , coins  are well displayed in locking display cases
  • A well managed, well displayed Auction or Estate Sale is always more profitable.
  • Calhoun Auction & Estate Sales LLC. , Does Not offer delivery of items purchased at any  sales at this time.

We Buy...
We are buyers of... Rome, Calhoun, Dalton,
Chatsworth & Ringgold GA . & North Ga. Cities


References from some of our past sales
When you call and get a voice mail, please leave a message and a call back number so they can return your call.

        Deborah Hariston, large estate Rossville , Ga.  423-413-2416  

        Janet Danial , large estate in Chickamauga ,Ga. 423-488-5674

        Rena Lowe, large estate in Dalton, Ga. 706-280-7161

        Sally Burran , large estate at Nob North Golf Club , 706-618-7574

        Waymond Fincher, large Summerville,  423-400-3966

        Susan Schmacher, large Dalton GA. estate, 770-547-2202

        Gary Stover, very large estate Sugar Valley GA. 678-986-7554

        Larry Dempsey, large estate Calhoun GA. 770-547-8201

        Dwight Richardson, large estate Calhoun GA. 770-548-9066

        Barbra  Lance , estate liquidation , Calhoun GA. 770-773-5848

        Gay Rice  , very large estate sale , Dalton  GA.  706-264-3944

        Phil Williams , large estate , Dalton  Ga.   706-270-4667

        Denise Morrison, quick one day sale , Dalton Ga. 706-463-1391

        Paula Driggers, Bee Bee Driggers huge estate , Dalton Ga.  404-316-0027

        Steve Wallace, Edwina Wallace huge estate, Dalton Ga. 352-665-3593

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